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Cardboard Recycling

Bedford Enterprises, Inc. has been recycling cardboard since the 1990s. We work with the large produce companies as well as the general public to consistently bring you the top prices and best processes for cardboard recycling on the Central Coast.

Grades of Cardboard

At Bedford, we categorize OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) into the four categories expanded on below:

OCC 100% Clean

Cardboard must be free of any trash, paper goods and styrofoam. (Some tape attached to the boxes is OK)

OCC 90% Clean

Cardboard load must consist of 90% or more clean cardboard to be categorized under this specification.

OCC Heavy Contaminated

Cardboard with over 10% trash content. This requires significant sorting labor to separate the cardboard from the trash for recycling.

OCC Waxed

Waxed Cardboard can generally not be recycled. This type of OCC is disposed of at the current trash rate.