Definitions and descriptions of terms used in invoices and credit memos. If you need additional clarification, please call (805) 922-4977 and we can help.

Freight Terms
  • Drop: Delivery of a roll off bin.
  • MT/RT: Refers to the Empty and Return of a roll off bin.
  • Pullout: Removal of a roll off bin.
  • Live Load: Applies when a roll off bin is filled as soon as the driver arrives. After the bin is full, the driver simply leaves with the full bin without ever dropping the roll off onsite.
  • Relocate: Applies when a roll off bin is moved from one part of the customer’s facility to another.
Material Terms
  • Ferrous: Metal containing iron (ex. steel).
  • Nonferrous: Metal not containing iron (ex. Copper, Aluminum, Brass, etc. ).
  • C & D General: Can contain wood, drywall, and some trash.
  • Construction & Demo: From construction projects - contains mostly wood, drywall, and metal.
  • HMS #1 Prepared: Steel that is thicker than 1/4” and less than 4 feet in length.
  • HMS #1 Unprepared: Steel that is thicker than 1/4” but is more than 4 feet in length.
  • HMS #2: Steel that is between 3/16” - 1/4” in thickness.
  • Tin: Ferrous Metal that is 1/8” thick or less.
  • Whitegoods: Household and Commercial Appliances.
  • Inert: Dirt, Rock, Sand.
  • OCC (11): Clean Cardboard, does not contain trash.
  • OCC 90% Clean: Relatively Clean Cardboard, contains about 10% trash.
  • OCC Heavy Contaminated: Cardboard that is heavily contaminated with trash.

Need your material picked up?

We offer two types of pick-up/hauling service. Roll off Container & Small Bin (4'x7')

Roll Off Service

We meet the roll off container needs of the Central Coast, from San Luis Obispo to Goleta. We offer the best pricing and, if needed, same day service.

Small Bin Service

We have hundreds of small containers with customers across the Central Coast.
Bin Sizes available: 4'x7' (w/ lid & w/o lid) and 4'x4'
We do require that the customer has a forklift onsite