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Plastic Recycling

Bedford Enterprises, Inc. is the leader of plastic recycling for farms and other businesses located across the Central Coast.
If you have a plastic that you would like to recycle, give us a call at (805) 922-4977 or Contact Us

Types of Plastic

We accept several types of plastic - we will describe a few of our main ones below:

Drip Tape/Tube

What is it used for: Irrigation

Drip Tape: Thin walled, made of special grade polyethylene material. It is also called as collapsible hose, once pressurized it becomes round and collapses on depressurizing.

Drip Tube: Thicker wall than drip tape, which allows it to keep its form when water is not present. This tube is pressure compensating and tends to have a longer life than drip tape.

Hoop House Film

What is it used for: Covering Metal Framed Green houses to assist in humidity retention

Description: Usually semi-clear, approximately 5-6mm in thickness.

Requirements: Must be as free as possible of dirt and moisture.

Other Plastics?

If you have another type of plastic that is not listed here and would like to recycle it, give us a call at (805) 922-4977. There's a good chance we will be able to find a way to recycle it.